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THE GRAND HIGH WITCH  The Black Witch Society  The Orinoco Club  The Black Cat Society  


Formerly The Work House 


Welcome to The Orinoco Club 


The Most Exclusive Evil Wicked Members Club in The World 


I am only Interested in Quality not Quantity 


So if you are a Cry Baby go home now I dont need you 


There are 2 rules to The Orinoco Club 


1 You do what I say 

2 You do what I say 


If you be come a Member 


I will set you tasks Daily Weeky Monthly 


If you dont do these tasks 


You pay your Yearly Membership Agian 


The Yearly Membership is £750 


So i you cant afford that go home now 


To join The Orinoco Club 


Email here


And i might let you Lowlife loser Join 


Ha Ha Ha Ha 


Contact Us




UK Spanish home-owners win landmark case

A British couple took the Spanish government to court on the grounds that the old system of taxing non-residents more capital gains tax than residents was discriminatory. And won!

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