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The Work House 

Ha Ha Ha Ha 


you lucky Lowlife losers 


you have found The Work House 


This is where you everything i tell you to do


i will set you Tasks 


as and when i want to 


and you will do them 


If you dont you will PAY your yearly fee again and again 


Ha Ha Ha ha 


To enter The Work House 


you must Pay your yearly Fee of £666-66p first 


into my Account 

Acc No 26620359

S/C 60-12-02

using a debit/credit Card 

or in your local bank branch 

or for you outside the UK 

GB72 NWBK 6012 0226 6203 59 


Email me at

or use the contact form on the contact me page 

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UK Spanish home-owners win landmark case

A British couple took the Spanish government to court on the grounds that the old system of taxing non-residents more capital gains tax than residents was discriminatory. And won!

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